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Miami-Dade/Broward Prospects Receiving Major Attention

You can tell the state of high school football recruiting by the way colleges and universities are planning ahead.

It used to be the upcoming senior class was the only thing that coaches worried about, but as spring football is getting started this week, every class is being watched and evaluated as colleges now plan rosters two and three years in advance.

One of the easiest things about recruiting Miami-Dade and Broward Counties is on any given year there will be an abundance of major college football talent on display.

While many gravitate toward the more recognized programs, it’s the lesser known and publicized programs that have talent that is often hidden as well.

As we continue to uncover and promote football talent from all the events we see live, the fans and college coaches benefit from getting firsthand information instead of relying on those who sit home and watch videos on computer.

Today, we bring you some of the Class of 2025 rising juniors who continue to receive their share of the spotlight. Not only locally, but throughout the nation.

Here are some gifted football players to keep an eye on over the next two years:


There is no getting around that when colleges talk about the offensive prospects in this region, they run out of words.

Each and every year, quarterbacks, running backs, receivers and linemen from the two counties emerge and make a statement.

Among the quarterbacks who have emerged include Ennio Yapoor (6-0, 210, Miami Norland), Devin Gonzalez (6-1, 180, Weston Cypress Bay), recent transfer Bekkem Kritza (Miami Central, 6-5, 195) and Camden Hartzell (6-1, 180, Fort Lauderdale Calvary Christian).

Running backs are also stepping up their game – with Deandre Desinor (5-10, 180, Plantation American Heritage), Nicholas McCall (Miami Central), Byron Louis (6-1, 205, Plantation American Heritage), Jaquari Lewis (5-10, 175, Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna), King Davis (5-10, 175, Miami Northwestern) and Sterling Joseph (5-8, 180, Miami Edison).

Receivers are always going to be plentiful - with Jahmari Smith (Miami Northwestern), versatile Jade Card (6-3, 200, Miami Norland), Cortez Mills (6-1, 170, Homestead), newcomer Kamare Williams (6-3, 185, Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna), Joshua Moore (6-3, 180, Pembroke Pines West Broward), Kyle Washington (5-10, 165, Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna), Terrence Honeywood (Miami Norland, 6-0, 150), Darriel Harper III (5-9, 150, Miami Christopher Columbus), AnjuanAce’ Coleman (5-11, 165, Miami Central), Samari Reed (6-3, 180, Coconut Creek Monarch), Ronald Towns (5-10, 165, Miami Dr. Krop), Sedric Melvin (5-8, 170, Homestead South Dade), Kha’leal Sterling (Miami Central), Shamar Fowles (6-1, 175, Hialeah American), Cameron Sapp (5-9, 175, Miami Palmetto), Kenny Williams (5-10, 160, Miami Gulliver Prep), Darius Johnson (5-11, 160, Miami Edison), Johnny Arneus (6-0, 180, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas), Andre Barrington (5-9, 160, Plantation), Kareem Glass (5-10, 175, Miami Northwestern) and Darius Clements (5-11, 165, Miami Southridge).

There are always going to be some emerging offensive line talent – and with Caleb Harris (6-3, 265, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas), Dayen Marouf-Araibi (6-3, 275, Plantation American Heritage), Michael Dean (6-5, 305, Homestead) and Darius Curington (6-2, 280, Miami Jackson), the table is set for the future.


Check any college roster across the state, region and country and you will find plenty of Miami-Dade and Broward talent on the defensive side of the ball.

So many gifted linemen, linebackers and secondary standouts used the two counties as a springboard to the next level – and beyond.

The 2025 class boasts some quality linemen – led by four Miami Central prospects in the nation’s No. 1 prospect Armondo Blount (6-3, 250), Anthony Smith (6-2, 290), Randy Adirika (6-4, 248) and Deangelo Thompson (6-3, 215). Recent Notre Dame commit Davion Dixon (6-3, 305, Miami Belen Jesuit), Jacob Joseph (6-2, 215, Davie Western), Craig Comrie (6-0, 217, Weston Cypress Bay) and Tarrell Greene (6-3, 250, Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna).

Linebackers have also picked up steam and recognition with Hector Chavez (5-10, 210, Miami Christopher Columbus), Ezekiel Marcelin (6-0, 190, Miami Central), Dylan Gill (OLB, 6-3, 210, Miami Killian), Jack Sawyer (OLB, 6-1, 220, Hialeah) and Nimari Brantley (OLB, 6-2, 230, Coconut Creek). 

The secondary is always talented – and college coaches come away with dozens every year. This year there is Ben Hanks Jr. (CB, 6-1, 160, Miami Booker T. Washington), Michigan commit Chris Ewald (CB, 6-0, 170, Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna), Amari Wallace (S, 5-11, 165, Miami Central), Jordan Rich (CB, 5-10, 170, Plantation American Heritage), Lance Grant (CB, Homestead), Antonio Branch (S, 6-2, 175, Miami Booker T. Washington), Sekou Smith (S, 5-11, 155, Miami Central), Tywan Cox (CB, 5-11, 160, Hollywood-Chaminade-Madonna), Davaris Lawson (CB, 5-10, 170, Sunrise Piper), Tavius Horne Jr. (CB, 5-11, 155, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas), Travares Daniels II (S, 6-1, 190, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas) and Bryce Fitzgerald (Athlete, 6-1, 175, Miami Belen Jesuit).


Kickers and punters are also on a fast-track with plenty of national recognition. Among those receiving attention include Jacob Corredera (P/K, 5-7, 145, Miami St. Brendan), Brent Fardette (K/P, Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons), Luca Guerra (PK, Doral Academy), Gavin Katz (K, 5-11, 150, South Plantation), Salvatore Mancuso (K, Miami Gulliver Prep), Nathan Mocada (Hialeah Gardens Mater Academy), Adrian Muelle (PK/P, Miami Belen Jesuit) and Nicholas Romero (K, 5-8, 145, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas).

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