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Fresh Faces In Miami-Dade & Broward Counties

By now, you already know how many football prospects we have the opportunity to watch live, and that is something that area coaches, student/athletes and parents have noticed.

The very fact that we have the honor to have our home base in the most fertile and gifted area in the country for producing football talent gives us a major advantage – and we certainly make good use of that opportunity.

While we have covered the entire state of Florida for well over five decades, we understand how important it is to see these young men at camps, combines, 7-on-7 tournaments, spring, summer and in the regular season live.

While football is played between late August and mid-December, we have made our coverage and exposure year-round, providing a forum for prospects in all classes and at a very level.

We continue to point out how important it is to see prospects with 5 stars and those who have none.

Today, we bring you five more prospects to keep an eye on – in the off-season and throughout 2024:

2025 - Sean Burke, TE/DE, 6-6, 210, Hollywood South Broward. Following in the footsteps of his father and older brother, who both played for the Bulldogs, this is one of those hidden gems. Someone who can lineup on either side of the ball and has the size and athletic ability to turn heads for years to come. He is a very hard worker who has been around the game all of his young life and continues to benefit from having supportive people around him.

2025 - Amari Isaac, Athlete, 6-1, 200, Hollywood Hills. Talk about an under-the-radar football talent. After watching him three times live this past season, this is a prospect that will need to be watched this coming season. A very gifted football player who has size, speed and is loaded with athleticism. He finished with 58 catches, 727 yards, 11 touchdowns – as well as 10 tackles, and 1 force fumble on defense.

2026 - Jordan Davis, OL/DL, 6-4, 315, Miramar. Over the years the one thing that you could depend on when you watched the Patriots play is they would be big and athletic up front. Some things never change. With this two-way rising junior, you have someone that college coaches have started to watch for several reasons. His athletic ability stands out right away, and playing on both sides of the ball will always open new avenues. In addition, his 3.9 GPA puts him in a space where college coaches will have so many options – on and off the playing field.

2026 - Franki Sosa Jr., Athlete, 6-2, 175, Westland Hialeah. Another of those fast-rising young prospects that we have here in south Florida. A gifted player who has size, quickness and plenty of athletic ability – as a receiver, quarterback, special teams and on the defensive side of the ball. This off season will be very important to his maturity and overall exposure as he will have a huge opportunity to watch his stock rise.

2026 - Marquis Williams, WR/S, 5-11, 165, Miami Gulliver Prep. Surprise, surprise – another tremendous athlete from a program that has turned out more than its share. Versatile, quick, and skilled are the things that you will notice right away. Equally as impressive on either side of the ball as he uses his track (100m (11.2) 200m (22.9) speed along with his play-making abilities. His work in the classroom (3.7) will also open plenty of doors.


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