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5 Class of 2023 South Florida Difference Makers

Because we have had the opportunity during the spring, summer and into the season to see as many football players as possible, we have the opportunity to see talent that many do not find about for a period of time.

In south Florida, there are always prospects who continue to shine and grab a share of the spotlight – and that is something that has been true for decades.

While several football prospects continue to get overlooked, it has always been our objective is to watch these young men and follow their progress.

College coaches from all over the country continue to contact us for evaluations, opinions and those football players who continue to remain under the radar.

As we do each week – during the year – new prospects are added to our lists, profiles and to a database that has more than 5,000 Florida high school football players statewide.

Today, we bring you five more standouts to keep an eye:

Christian Cramer, LB, 6-1, 190, Miami Dade Christian. Yet another impressive junior talent that we talked about weeks ago – after watching this quality Crusader team for much of the summer and off-season. This is a gifted young man who is learning more and more about this game, and as he continues to mature and grow, you will see a very talented and emerging prospect continue to turn heads.


Luke Evans, CB/WR, 6-2, 165, Parkland Douglas. From the first game this impressive talent played for the Eagles, it was a no-brainer. Size, athletic ability and a knack of coming up with the big play. As soon as we put him out – in his first contest in Broward County – colleges began to watch and appreciate what he is all about, already receiving a Power 5 offer – with many more on the way. Comes in this year from Boca Raton St. John Paul.


David Law Mortimer, CB, 5-7, 150, Fort Lauderdale Dillard. The younger brother of FSU commit Devaughn Mortimer is truly something special – and so far this season – he has been impressive and ready for every challenge. Came up huge in the win against Deerfield Beach last week – after a tremendous off-season that watched him elevate his game. Going up his speedy and talented brother, he is getting some of the best work he will have all year. Another impressive junior who continues to make major strides in 2021.


Xavier Terrell, RB, 5-8, 175, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas. In the first two weeks of the season, while head coach Roger Harriott and the Raiders are putting the right pieces on the field, a gifted young man like this has had the spotlight against St. Frances Academy and Tampa Jesuit, and has more than made the most of his opportunities, shining in both games, giving this nationally-recognized program yet another offensive weapon to play this tough schedule with.


Omarion Williams, RB, 5-8, 165, North Miami. Because there are so many prospects and some teams never get the publicity that others receive, here is certainly someone who deserves the attention. As the Pioneers continue to build, it’s runners like this – who combine speed, power and great vision – that will start to grab the spotlight, and while he may not be a household name right now, keep your eye on this elusive and under-the-radar talent.


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