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SUMMER PROSPECT WATCH: Edison 2024 RB Gerald Modest Turning Heads

When June began, a lot of talk centered around making up for lost time, and believe it or not, the high school prospects, coaches and families have indeed taken advantage of everything that is going on.

From college tours to 7-on-7 events and team camps, this month has been all about getting that exposure missed during the pandemic.

No matter what class you may be in, getting in front of college coaches, who can make the decisions, has been a major objective so far.

With the NCAA once again closing down the recruiting in July, these 30 days here in June have been ever so important.



PLAYER: Gerald Modest


SCHOOL: Miami Edison

CLASS: 2024



SCOUTING: If you have followed high school football in south Florida for any length of time, there will always be that player or players who will turn heads from the very beginning.

Whether it’s in the 8th or 9th grade, more and more athletes are stepping up to the plate and making a name for themselves at a young age.

Credit the impressive youth programs that we have in this region, and for getting these amazing athletes ready to play at the competitive high school level, which has been a priority.

Watching elite prospects like Gerald illustrates how a young athlete can make such an impact at the varsity level, but this is not your ordinary young talent. This is a gifted young man who has speed, running instincts and a passion for the game.

With so much college attention and offers for a player who accomplished plenty as a freshman, the next three years will be something very special to watch.

As he heads toward his sophomore season, head coach Luther Campbell and the Red Raiders will be looking to this quality talent to continue maturing and making an impact.


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