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SUMMER PROSPECT WATCH: Desmond Reid Is A RB To Keep An Eye On

With two weeks left until college coaches and athletes will once again head into another “Dark Period” of the recruiting cycle, it has come down to getting to as many events as possible.

The team tours that so many high school programs are taking has opened up avenues that have not been there for the past 14 plus months – and no matter what college it may be, doing the best you can is essential.

Exposure is so positive when college coaches can see the athletes firsthand and not have to rely on others to fill them in on these prospects who have grown and matured over the past year and a half.

As more and more college coaches watch these athletes perform live, it makes their job much easier for this class of 2022 and others to follow.



PLAYER: Desmond Reid


SCHOOL: Miramar

CLASS: 2022



SCOUTING: If anyone was hurt by the long exposure hiatus, it’s this gifted running back that everyone believes is flying way too far under the radar screen.

As one of his teammates said: “you won’t know how good he really is until he is lining up against you and there is no way you can stop him.

This is one of the premier senior backs in south Florida. A hard runner who can break away with his speed and find the endzone with his toughness.

While his spring was filled with visits to some major schools, none had made a move with this quality talent, and that is something that many will be sorry for.

Having covered recruiting for half a century, you tend to not want to let a prospect get away until you have watched what he does – in game situations – and so far – colleges and universities nationwide have not taken the time to do that.

During the summer months, this is going to be someone who will showcase his skills at local events – while using his spring footage and maturity to have a college coach look in his direction.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this young man play, make it a point early in the season. He will impress you. No doubt!


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