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Nova QB Zachary Robinson: The Best Player You Never Heard About

It has been said over and over again about south Florida, but certainly warrants repeating.

There is so much talent at every turn that getting lost in the shuffle is very common – and it happens all the time.

Whether you play in Miami-Dade or Broward County, the opportunities for exposure are endless, but that doesn’t always add up to receiving that exposure needed to attract college attention.

There are a million reasons why a student/athlete slips from the radar screen. School attended isn’t in the mix, people who are scouting tend to focus in another direction, paying very little attention to a prospect – no matter how impressive they may be. There are a number of reasons.


PLAYER: Zachary Robinson


SCHOOL: Davie Nova

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: Have you ever heard of Zachary Robinson? If you have, did you ever take the time to watch him perform?

The answer to those questions are NO. Even those who claim to cover south Florida and have the pulse of the recruiting scene at the tip of their tongue, have never watched this impressive athlete throw a ball or play a game.

Robinson was not only the 2020 All-American Bowl MVP, Titans’ Team MVP, Team Captain as a junior and boasts a 4.2 GPA in the classroom, but if you watch him play, he makes every throw, his arm strength is equal or better than any quarterback in south Florida and is rated nationally as one of the top Pro Quarterback prospects.

With all those accolades, and a head coach (Kevin Huntley) who has played at a high level, why has the exposure come slow for this quality football talent?

While Nova is not a spotlight team these days, playing as an independent in 2019, you would think that the recognition would come – and with some starting to take notice, maybe the recruiting will heat up.

His grades are opening doors to those who are starting to watch his film and see what he brings to the table. Ivy League schools along with Patriot League teams have shown interest.

His Bio states: “That he is a Pro-style QB with very high football IQ. Capable of being a dual threat if necessary. Ability to throw on the run with very good excapability and quick release. Looking for a strong academic university with a deep tradition of playing quality D-1 football.”

As spring draws closer, you will start seeing colleges heading to Davie – and not just to see the other great QB in that area – Nick Vattiato (University School).



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