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Freshman Rodolfo Hernandez Has Already Made A Name For Himself

When you play football in south Florida, the opportunities are indeed endless.

Because of the teams and quality talent that you compete against, all that may be needed is one play or key performance to thrust you into the spotlight.

As we often establish, the youth football in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties is second to none – and gets these amazing athletes ready for the next level.


PLAYER: Rodolfo Hernandez


SCHOOL: South Miami

CLASS: 2023



SCOUTING: The great thing about covering football in south Florida is that attending over 100 games every year and seeing up to 3,000 athletes LIVE is an advantage that very few get to experience.

While putting out athletes that are already established and known by everyone is something that everyone does, promoting football talent that major colleges and recruiting services are not hovering over is the huge reward – to the prospects as well.

Being able to watch athletes actually perform against top competition often gives you a major advantage – and when head coach Rick Munne and his Cobras often play earlier in the day – away from the spotlight – it is indeed refreshing to know that someone is there appreciating the hard work and dedication.

Here is an example of getting to see a young talent that exceeded expectations in his first year at the varsity level – and performing well against top-flight talent.

If anything in 50 years that you learn is turn over every stone and ignore nobody – no matter where they play or who they lineup against.

In this young man, who is nowhere near maturing, you get a linebacker mentality in a safety body. Because if his versatility, if he never reaches the linebacker size, he will have the skills as a safety to fall back on – and that’s why he has been singled out for his play every week.

On a team that has a tremendous coaching staff that teaches and promotes its prospects, Hernandez is indeed on a path to success – and like the thousands of student/athletes we promote every year – we will be there to follow it!



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