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Miami Northwestern Standout Kamren Kinchens Continues To Elevate His Game

The crazy thing about south Florida, is there are so many talented and gifted athletes that sometimes players – very good players – are way overlooked.

Taking nothing away from the fan websites or those who evaluate talent, but their lack of exposure to actually watching these football players perform in games and not just workouts or combines, is often something that ends up hurting prospects.

Having been fortunate to cover these athletes for a long time, we see them play in games multiple times during the course of a year – and that is why more colleges follow what we say about these prospects than anyone else. It is something that only makes sense.

Seeing a football player gain that yard needed to keep a drive going – or coming up with a hit that jars a fumble loose in a clutch situation cannot be determined from watching players go through drills in shorts and a t-shirt.

Because we have been taught to see a football player actually playing football, like it was for decades and decades, helps us determine what they will do on the football field.


PLAYER: Kamren Kinchens


SCHOOL: Miami Northwestern

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: While he has gotten offers and plenty of attention from media and fan websites, there are those who follow high school football that truly believe that this is someone who doesn’t get the accolades he deserves.

Having watched him perform the past two years – in and out of the season – there are very few football players who bring to the field what this young man does.

This is a playmaker who is as good as anyone in Florida – and maybe across the country. He will not only hit you like a truck, but has the skill level to cover, read and anticipate.

Talking to several college coaches who recruit this area – when given a number of players to choose from in the defensive secondary, a majority of them will tell you that this is the player they would take – hands down.

What makes him so special is he’s a true athlete. Someone who is at a different level from that standpoint. He is also a very smart and a talented team player who elevates the team, never focusing just on himself.

Here is one of those tremendous prospects who will continue to get better and better – and will be among the best coming out in 2021.



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