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Gulliver Prep’s Sedrick Irvin Jr. Is Doing Things His Own Way

One of the toughest things – in any walk of life – is to live up to a successful father, mother, brother, sister or family member.

It’s not new. It has been going on for decades – and whether you try and downplay it and shift the spotlight away – it’s human nature that kids are always going to be compared to who came before them.

It doesn’t only happen in sports. Actors, musicians, scientists and other legends have kids who come after them, already carrying the name, and for the most part, lofty expectations.

While there are successes, where youngsters often exceed expectations, there are those who don’t – and never embraced the comparison from the beginning.

Parents always want their children to do better than them – no matter what it is. It’s the way of the world, and something that will never change.


PLAYER: Sedrick Irvin


SCHOOL: Miami Gulliver Prep

CLASS: 2023

HEIGHT: 5-10


SCOUTING: There is no getting around the success that Sedrick Irvin Sr. had during his football playing career at Miami Southridge and Miami High, Michigan State and in the NFL.

One of the premier running backs who has ever played this game. The way he played, worked and did what he could to make himself one of the premier football talents of his time.

After his playing days, he coached and taught this game the way he played it and learned it from coaches like Nick Saban and others.

For all his successes, and there were many, Sedrick Irvin made a vow early on that he would never push his children to be like him. He didn’t want to be one of those parents who wanted something more than their kids did.

When his son started playing football, Sedrick let him develop and learn the love for the game on his own. He was there to help in the process, but never controlled it.

Today, his son is a quality freshman runner, who happens to play for the same team his dad has been around to help the Raiders as a program.

Watch Sedrick Jr. run the ball and you can see that he is indeed special. Quick, elusive and growing into his 9th grade body.

The son will start to become more of a featured back this coming year, and with a solid freshman year behind him, he has impressed in the off season as well – attending different events and still learning about the game and what he can accomplish.

While Sedrick Irvin Jr. is going to be very special, and he is going to continue to grow and mature, he will do it on his own, and that was the plan from the beginning.



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