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Many Have Totally Missed The Mark With Chaminade-Madonna’s Marcus Harris

There has to be a time when you as fans – and many of you – who are college coaches – need to understand that everyone is NOT cut out to evaluate and project.

It happens all the time where you get football fans and journalists entrusted to rank players and give their evaluation, and just because they see players compete – whether it be on film or live – they believe that they have that “magical eye for talent” – and the truth is they don’t. What they do is hurt athletes greatly by overrating or underrating them.

Prospects need to be projected to see what they will be all about at the high school level, and eventually in college.

There are tons of kids who are overrated or under-the-radar that get horribly evaluated, and that is part of this process that has NOT worked out.

There are so many football prospects in south Florida that are left waiting for scholarships because college coaches listen to the wrong people talk up certain athletes.

Take nothing away from those who do it the right way, and have given many tips to colleges that have worked out, but the main thing is to have knowledge of where that athlete can play – and what they need to be successful at the next level.


PLAYER: Marcus Harris


SCHOOL: Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: Here is a prospect that has been horribly evaluated and projected. While sometimes you have to give concessions, especially on the offensive line, when you don’t watch prospects live and see the little things they do, and examine what they need to work on, you are way behind the game.

Watching this young man since the 10th grade – at Dillard – you could see right away – as he grows and matures – this is someone who has a chance to be special. He is versatile, athletic and has gotten very serious about this game – while playing below the radar screen.

After watching him with a Power 5 college coach last year, they were blown away how someone with this kind of talent and potential was completely ignored. Much like Corey Gaynor at the University of Miami, when he was at Douglas High, Harris is quick, strong and picks things up fast.

Even when he arrived in Hollywood, head coach Dameon Jones knew exactly the kind of player he was getting – and as his final season unfolds – hopefully colleges will see exactly what he brings to the table and to any offensive line.



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