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Hallandale Secondary Among The Best In South Florida

Through the years, Hallandale High’s football team has had its share of football talent that have made a huge impact at the collegiate level – and beyond.

With all those impressive football player who have come through this program – there has never been a secondary like the one the Chargers have assembled for the upcoming season.

With former Auburn University and Dillard High standout Junior Rosegreen building and teaching this unit, college coaches continue to stay close to four defensive backs that are highly regarded.

Junior’s Edric Weldon, Jaylin Marshall, Alfonzo Allen and Miami Carol City transfer Anthony Rose are as good as you get on one team. With quality backups to add depth, this is a unit that has it all.

Alfonzo Allen, 6-1, 200. From the time he started his career, this is someone you can tell is very special. Regarded as one of the elite prospects nationally, he combibes atheticism with his ability to play this game at a high level. College coaches have been watching this young man’s growth since he freshman season.


Jaylin Marshall, 6-3, 205. A playmaker who has always had a nose for the ball. This is one of those gifted young men who is willing to do what it takes. Has worked hard to maintain that physical edge. Because of his size, physicality and ability to play this game at a high level, college coaches have been watching his progress.


Anthony Rose, 6-4, 195. Every year you have one of those quality football players who grow and mature at the same time. This is one of those long defensive backs who has skill and is agile and athletic enough to match up with anyone. His size and overall athleticism have already blown away those who have watched. Comes in from Miami Carol City to join this quality group.


Edric Weldon, 6-5, 215. Here is a big body, athletic and well coached football player who is on the move upward. He continues to improve and college coaches are watching – and will be watching all off-season. When you have a big body like this who has skill, athletic ability and knowledge of the game, it’s a combination that has everyone watching.



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