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Five Miami-Dade/Broward 2024 Prospects For A Wednesday

Even though the state playoffs are under way and teams are vying for a title, we never stop promoting and exposing prospects.

Year round, we make sure that all the football talent in the state of Florida has an opportunity to be recognized. Because so many college coaches check our website and social media out every day, getting this information out is indeed very important.

No matter of the talent is in the playoffs or looking for exposure, we make sure that we are giving these young men a maximum spotlight.

Here is a look at five Miami-Dade and Broward prospects to keep an eye on:

2023 – Dylan Daniel, LB, 5-10, 200, Fort Lauderdale NSU University School. With so much talent in south Florida it is easy to overlook many quality football prospects. Here is a perfect example. This is a gifted student/athlete who not only gets it done as a versatile football player, but also Lacrosse and in the classroom where he holds down a 3.8 GPA. Solid talent who has so much to offer. He is among the top tacklers in Florida.


2025 - Deandre Desinor, RB/WR/OLB, 5-9, 170, Coconut Creek North Broward Prep. Here is a talented young man who we had the opportunity to spotlight a few times this season, and now that his sophomore year has come to an end, a number of coaches and fans had the chance to watch his progress. This young man finished the 2022 season with an impressive 1,284 yards and 16 touchdowns. Definitely someone to keep an eye on during the off-season and beyond.


2024 – Jamari Howard, CB/FS/WR, 6-2, 180, Westland Hialeah. One of the premier two-way prospects, this impressive talent delivered in 2022 and has set the table for the off-season. No matter what side of the ball he plays on, this track standout showcases his amazing skills. College coaches have been watching him the past two years – and as the 2023 season is on the horizon – keep an eye on this quality football player who makes a difference on the football field.


2027 - Zachary “Zac” Katz, QB, 6-1, 180, Miami True North Classical Academy. Here is a talent that does not come along too often. A 13-year-old who not only gets it done, but does it against top varsity competition, and that is something that is already turning heads throughout south Florida. His size, athletic ability and mind to pick up this game and play it at a top level. His 2,087 yards and 25 touchdowns were among the best in the state, leading his team to the state playoffs. In addition, his work in the classroom (3.7 GPA) also has colleges taking a way early look. Someone you will want to follow over the next four years!


2024 - Kenneth Pembleton, FS, 6-0, 155, Miami Archbishop Carroll. Playing for one of the biggest secrets in south Florida, this quality football talent opened some eyes this year for head coach Jorge Zagales and his Bulldogs. A quality defensive back who led this team to a banner season – with a state best 8 interceptions. While smaller schools throughout the country often does not get the respect, it is not the case in Florida – where there are some impressive and big-time players. This is a quality football talent who had two interceptions in three different games. Expect his stock to continue to rise during the off-season as well.



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