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Five Class of 2024 Miami-Dade/Broward Prospects To Watch

The one thing you can expect this fall is plenty of first-hand prospect information.

We do not rely on just watching tape, and never will – and for those who follow us through the years – understand that we attend everything possible to give these young men a fair look for colleges and universities across the nation to see.

From film everyone can see if a prospect has talent. Everyone! But the true value of getting to see these talented prospects perform is getting the chance to see things that you cannot view from home.

Because we have found that basically every athlete can run, catch, tackle, block and make plays. What cannot be determined is character and how these gifted football players act and showcase leadership. Those are things you do not see from putting in a Hudl Video. No possible way you can.

We have watched many “analysts” put out lists and rankings without ever seeing them perform live. That’s like writing a restaurant review without ever eating the food or going their to experience the ambience and overall atmosphere.

Even with the season starting, we will not stop giving you players to watch – and today – we have five more Class of 2024 junior Miami-Dade and Broward prospects to keep an eye on:

Anthony Barbar, QB, 6-0, 165, Fort Lauderdale Westminster Academy. While he may not play for the largest school with plenty of attention, when he gets his chance to impress, he does. A very athletic and quality football player who made some major strides this off-season, and will have the opportunity to do it this year and next season as well.


Guy Edmond Jr., CB, 5-10, 175, Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons. One of the emerging stars not only in south Florida, but college coaches who have watched him play agree that his rise to the top is quick. His coaches talked about him last year – before anyone had really watched him play, and as we have seen in the off-season and into the summer, he is indeed a talent who can keep the Chiefs strong in the secondary.


Edward Louis, WR, 5-8, 172, Fort Lauderdale Dillard. With all the talent that the Panthers have, it’s easy to overlook a football player like this. He is someone who works hard, makes the most out of every chance given – and will be a huge part of this quality program over the next two years. Keep an eye on his progress. You will also be bowled over by what he brings to the game.


Tycoolhill Luman, DL, 6-4, 245, Miami Jackson. When he and his brother arrived, they were immediately difference makers and things have not changed. This is a physical, quick, and gifted football prospect who makes plays and has everything it takes to be special at this level and beyond. Any event he attended in the off-season, he made an impact and turned heads. College coaches know that they have something special with this young man, and he has two full seasons to continue getting better. He and his twin brother are among the best you will find.


Joaquin Reid, WR, 5-10, 160, Miami Norland. While many football players get a lot of the spotlight and attention, it’s playmakers like this who usually rise to the top. Creates mismatches with his overall skill level and knowledge of the position. Watch how fast he bursts onto the scene for the Vikings this coming season.





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