Who Are The Top Players & What Roles Will They Play During The Season?
South Miami’s Tavoris Miller Is One of Those Under-The-Radar Stars

The true measure of the talent in south Florida seems to continue to pop up - nearly every day.

Just when "experts" across the country continue to try and push other states in front of Florida, the Sunshine State - south Florda in particular - brings in another elite football prospect that very had the opportunity to watch.

If you attend enough football games in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, you already know how many players, who are not publicized or known by many, continue to emerge.

You will see this coming season that there will be several football players that will grab the spotlight - when they weren't even talked about before the year began.


PLAYER: Tavoris Miller


SCHOOL: South Miami

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: Here is a program that will fool you.

Just when you think that you know all the impressive talent that roams the football fields in south Florida, the Cobras have been able to roll outstanding talent each and every year.

What is special about this young man is how versatile he is, and that’s why colleges have been watching him since the end of the season.

With Arties Knight taking over this coming season, he will continue to elevate Miller’s status with his many contacts – and that is something that this program will certainly need – with several younger players coming back.

On offense, he is a superb pass catcher with speed and solid route running abilities. He was also used as a “wildcat quarterback” and showcased his skills.

Defensively, he is an impressive and effective defensive back – with cover skills and the ability to play the run as well.

Watching him a number of times in 2019, you get a sense that he is one of those athletes who will continue to see his stock rise as more college coaches continue to watch him.

His maturity and physical growth has been something colleges have not been able to see during the pandemic – and that will be the determining factor in where he ends up at the college level.



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