Who Are The Top Players & What Roles Will They Play During The Season?
NEXT UP: Stranahan’s Omar Graham Jr. Has It All

As the pandemic has dictated what has transpired on high school football fields across the country, south Florida has more than done its part to make things safe and competitive for the athletes who have missed out on the exposure needed.

No matter what class they play in – or what college they have in mind, these athletes in south Florida continue to elevate their standing by competing pretty much year-round.

Having the pleasure of watching so many football prospects LIVE in game conditions, we have that opportunity to discover much more than the athletes that are hyped and pushed out by every recruiting service and fan website.

Anyone can watch a film and be an “expert”, but very few can make the effort to promote prospects nobody sees or talks about by watching them play.


PLAYER: Omar Graham Jr.


SCHOOL: Fort Lauderdale Stranahan

CLASS: 2022



SCOUTING: In this day of looking to get the most out of any athlete, along comes this impressive talent who more than checks all the boxes.

What he brings to the table is a versatile linebacker who can run and is agile enough to make plays all over the field.

His leadership and passion – along with his 4.2 GPA in the classroom has caught the attention of major colleges throughout the nation – as the Dragons are now becoming one of those talent-filled teams with prospects that every college wants to see.

If you watch Omar play, the first thing you notice are his many skills. First of all, when he comes off that edge, you are going need to slow him down or he will make life tough all game. His first step is impressive, and his strength and athleticism afford him the opportunity to play outside or become a run stopper and pass rusher inside.

Coach Travis Harden often talks about a lot of prospects that the Dragons have on the roster – and when he speaks about what Graham brings to the table, he knows that he has a leader who makes plays and ignites the defense.

The 2021 season is going to be special for a number of reasons – and Graham is one of the reasons for optimism as the playoffs are once again a huge objective.



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