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NEXT UP: Cooper City’s George Sklavenitis Is Way Overlooked

What the off-season does in the state of Florida is open up recruiting doors that many other areas do not have.

As we are now in that off-season, it’s a time to be safe, but at the same time, be productive and take advantage of every opportunity to get better.

No matter what class they play in – or what college they have in mind, these athletes in south Florida continue to elevate their standing by competing pretty much year-round.

Having the pleasure of watching so many football prospects LIVE in game conditions, we have that opportunity to discover much more than the athletes that are hyped and pushed out by every recruiting service and fan website.

Anyone can watch a film and be an “expert”, but very few can make the effort to promote prospects nobody sees or talks about by watching them play.


PLAYER: George Sklavenitis


SCHOOL: Cooper City

CLASS: 2022



SCOUTING: In this day of copying and pasting information on just about every subject, taking shortcuts, you just cannot do that when it comes to football recruiting.

If you evaluate and promote athletes, you had better get out and watch those football prospects live or you are not doing the athletes or colleges any real favors. You cannot use a highlight tape that everyone else watches to fully breakdown an athlete – and anyone that thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

Because south Florida is such a gold mine when it comes to producing talent – at all levels and every position – getting out to actually see these football prospects and watch what they bring to the table beyond the obvious.

Because he attended last weekend’s K.C. Line Camp at Ives Park in North Miami-Dade County, plenty of eyes were on this young man – and coaches who normally would not get a chance to watch Cooper City perform, had the opportunity to see this young man, and they were mighty impressed.

Having watched just about every athlete in south Florida, it would be hard to match the talent, size, work ethic and versatility this impressive talent has. He is quick to pick things up and apply them.

The coaches who watched him at the event feel that this is certainly one of the most overlooked prospects in the Class of 2022, but that will change – especially at a time when this pandemic has made it tougher for student/athletes to get any of the spotlight.



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