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Marvin Jones Jr. Is Certainly Someone To Keep An Eye On In 2020

The one thing about living in south Florida is the talent level has been so rich for so many decades, it usually spills over to the next generation.

Fathers who grew up starring on football field in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties have returned with their families to this area after successful playing careers.

If you follow what we have done for the past 50 years, you understand that we have covered a lot of elite talent that usually moves on to the collegiate level and then on to the NFL.

Being on the ground floor of some of the best football players who ever wore a uniform, we have been blessed to see many of these future stars compete at the youth level, moving on to high school, college and the NFL. That has made these years so rewarding, and as you can plainly see, it is a long way from being over.

The past few weeks, we have been able to shine the spotlight on sons of these impressive athletes.


PLAYER: Marvin Jones Jr.


SCHOOL: Plantation American Heritage

CLASS: 2022



SCOUTING: When Marvin Jones played for Miami Northwestern, he was considered one of the top linebackers this area had produced. An elite defensive force, who would impact FSU and then the New York Jets, where he was an All-Pro performer.

Talent like this was something that we took for granted – knowing that there would be a train of elite prospects around the corner.

As dominating and talented as Jones was, you always felt that if he had a son, and he followed the same path, it would be fun to watch – and it has been.

Marvin Jones Jr. is indeed a gifted talent who is bigger (6-5) than his dad was – and will be given an opportunity to play outside linebacker – because of his speed and athleticism, and defensive end, because he has size and play-making abilities.

What head coach Pat Surtain and defensive coordinator Daryl Porter like the most about Jones is his ability to create mismatches. Having the opportunity to watch him play 4 times in 2020, he can get to the quarterback, is versatile to drop into coverage and stop the run. He is indeed the complete package with the kind of size that continue to advance you ate every level.

Just a sophomore, he has already picked up several offers – and with two years left to play – it will be fun to continue to watch this young man grow and mature.



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