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Hallandale LB Joshua Glaze Will Be A Headliner In 2020

The one thing about south Florida, is some of your best prospects don’t always have the most stars.

Because those who evaluate and watch talent do not see everyone and every game, there are difference makers who fly way beneath the radar screen – and while that may be hard to believe – look at all the gifted football players you have in this region.

As we know by now, all it takes is one play or a single performance that propels someone from just another player to an athlete that everyone is watching and paying attention to.

At a time when college coaches try their best to identify every player, south Florida is too big for every athlete to be watched and rated.


PLAYER: Joshua Glaze


SCHOOL: Hallandale

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: Last spring, prior to a game against Stranahan in West Palm Beach, he spoke about several prospects that he had on his impressive team. One name that he mentioned was Glaze, and while he pointed out that he was young and full of promise, he did say that there was a lot of work ahead of a player who could not only play linebacker, but also play a defensive end position.

What Glaze did during the course of the 2019 season was watch his stock rise. He worked hard, made plays and established himself as someone to keep an eye on.

In the playoffs this past season, this gifted football player sparked the Colonels in a win over Hialeah when he raced 50 yards for a touchdown.

As we are now in the off season and headed toward spring, this will certainly be a football talent that everyone will be watching.

Recently made the move to play for Hallandale.



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