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Corey Smith’s Legacy Will Live On

Every day, Corey Smith would check the different group chats that he’s part of and ran on Facebook.

Perhaps his best stop during the day on social media was “The WarZone”.

A group that was started years ago to make the football landscape better, but instead of making it better – it made it great.

Where else do you have the front row of a major college football program, teachers, coaches, media members and those who love to agree – and disagree about games, players and just about anything else you got away with? No place.

It is a chat room where everyone has all the answers – and you cannot disagree with them.

It is a chat where different views and objectives are talked about for weeks and often brought up – at the worst times.

At the center of this chat room that so many have long wanted to be a part of was a passionate and soothing Corey Smith.

He was indeed someone that everybody had sent numerous messages and texts at all hours of the night, seeking advice or looking for phone numbers.

Away from that chat room, life went on – with it always returning to a nightly topic or message.

Corey would have an opinion on just about everyone of them – in his own way.

Smith was indeed the man who was finally rewarded last year with the head coaching position at his alma mater. “Are you kidding me, he said on WQAM Radio after getting the job. “To get a job at a school where I grew up as an athlete and as a person. That is more than I can say.”

Smith was always the one who would tell you the way it was, and even though you didn’t like it, you would take it and fully understand that he is only in this to help.

While he has helped to open doors and set a positive path to follow for over 20 years, he also has done so much for people of all ages and economic status.

His love for those kids who came through Gwen Chery Park and learned so much about life.

On Monday, Corey Smith, a father, brother, son, friend and mentor to so many – in all walks of life – was tragically taken from us.

This is someone who had no enemies. His objective in life was to make sure that the kids had a way out and to boost their spirits – no matter how low they were.

Corey Smith earned the right to be the guy you leaned on. As a former Miami High Stingaree football player, this is the school that he loved.

Those in the Warzone relied on Smith for answers and advice – and when those 30 members begin to come back – there will be a huge void. One that is being felt all over – from Bethune Cookman University to the NFL, where so many have listened to what this often outspoken and seasoned man had to say.

Corey Smith will be missed by so many that gravitated to him, and when you look at everything he represents, you can understand why!

RIP Corey Smith from your WarZone family: Mike, Ricky, Dennis, Travis, Tavaris, Jose, Quay, Joe, Brandon, J.T., Xavier, Trebor, Roger, JR, Martin, Jovan, Jason, Delaine, Jeffrey, David, Jimmy-d, William, Patrick, Rick, Shawn, Monte, Kenyon, Cell, Vick, and founder As'Quinn.

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