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SUMMER SPOTLIGHT: Dillard’s D’Mon Brinson Jumping To The Front

The one thing that many have found out over the past 14 months is that nothing is guaranteed, and dreams can be realized and dashed – just like that.

With college exposure camps almost a must these days – with many college coaches watching and taking in just about everything.

As much as the athletes felt caged and helpless during the pandemic, imagine what the college coaches were going through, not having the opportunity to watch live – or communicate with student/athletes who change every day.

With the transfer portal and the NCAA granting college football players an additional year of eligibility, recruiting has changed, and if you happen to be an athlete, searching for the elusive college scholarship, you better not “slow play” these college coaches or you could be left out of the mix. This is NOT the cycle to be larger than the game.



PLAYER: D’Mon Brinson


SCHOOL: Fort Lauderdale Dillard

CLASS: 2022

HEIGHT: 5-11


SCOUTING: Watching this impressive talent perform the past three years, and in the off-season, you get a chance to watch someone who has grown up in this game, physically and mentally.

He has turned into a game-changer – with tremendous cover skills to go along with the ability to hit you from his safety positions.

The other part of his game that colleges love is his ability to tackle. Open field, and here is a gifted football player who will make that one-on-one stop – as he did last season and into this spring. That’s something that he brings to the game that many in the secondary do not.

Another positive that college coaches talked about – from watching his film - is how he has become technically sound and very few people are out-playing him, which goes a long way in bringing your best every week.

Solid football player, who may be hidden a bit by a few other high-profile teammates, but believe that Brinson is the real deal, any way you slice it.


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