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SUMMER SPOTLIGHT: Claudel Bazile Is Turning Heads Quickly

As we are now in the summer, and college campuses are open, the advantage once again goes to the student/athlete.

For the first time in 14 months, players and coaches can finally see each other and communicate like they should have been doing a long time ago.

Because of the pandemic some valuable time was lost, and prospects who usually are found during spring and in the off-season, are finding themselves scrambling and going to just about everything and anything to get noticed. The rules of recruiting have been altered dramatically – with the transfer portal and the NCAA granting an additional year to players affected by this pandemic.

College coaches are watching closely, and if there is that one athlete who stands out, they can make the move.


PLAYER: Claudel Bazile


SCHOOL: Miramar

CLASS: 2022



SCOUTING: Part of that NCAA “dead period” was the lack of exposure athletes received over the past year plus.

Class of 2022 football talent that had no underclass exposure a year ago because of Covid, was once again slighted this year with no colleges on campus during spring.

What you have in Bazile is a smaller defensive end who produces – and he makes plays. He is one of those physical prospects who has worked hard to put himself in this position, and while the Patriots are still young at certain positions, here is someone who has stepped up as a leader.

While undersized for that prototypical defensive end prospect, here is a strong, athletic and skilled football player, who will be used as an outside linebacker with a chance to drop into coverage if needed.

As some colleges may view him smaller than the defensive end position dictates – remember that this is a talent that can make that switch from putting his hand on the ground – to someone who can still be effective as a pass rusher, but also put his strong and athletic frame up against some tight ends or even running backs who may run short routes out of the backfield.

If you watch his film, you will learn some good things about this quality prospect. But if you see him perform live, and watching what he does as an on-field leader, you will have a better idea of what he brings to the table.


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