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St. Thomas Aquinas WR Jake Harrington Is Starting To Attract Plenty of Attention

When it comes to anything in life, it just has to feel right – and while decisions are based on certain things that happen – they are made for our own benefit.

While many have opinions on the way things should go, the end result is how it affects the person making that decision.

Changing schools is never easy for anyone, but sometimes that shift in location can make a difference for the better.

We have to live with our choices – for good or bad – so when these decisions are made, we have to hope that they are beneficial.


PLAYER: Jake Harrington


SCHOOL: Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas

CLASS: 2021

HEIGHT: 5-10


SCOUTING: Timing is everything – and so is staying healthy.

For this impressive talent, both have played a major role in what has happened to Jake since arriving at St. Thomas Aquinas.

This is someone who has always been impressive. Quick, strong, athletic and a prospect who would make catches against anyone – no matter what level.

While some have picked his game apart for one reason or another, talk to longtime coaches who have taken the time to watch his film, see him play in 7-on-7 events and combines and all will tell you that this is a young man who has the opportunity to be as productive as anyone in south Florida.

His ability to make tough catches and gain yards after the reception has many coaches continuing to watch and appreciate what he brings to the table.

While he has battled Injury, Jake has found that the weight-room and being in top condition have added up to something positive, and he is banking on being ready to go every week in 2020.

At the recent Under Armour Combine, coaches, analysts and fans watched his every move and all came away very impressed at how he approached the game and combined physicality and skill to put on quite an impressive display.

When all is said and done, this is a football talent that has already shown Raiders’ head coach Roger Harriott and his coaching staff that he will not only be an asset, but a quality football player more than capable of taking over a game on the offensive side of the ball.



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