Who Are The Top Players & What Roles Will They Play During The Season?
NEXT UP: McArthur Linebacker Gerald Hernandez Has The Experience

The off-season has started – and as many underclassmen scramble to get some film to college coaches who cannot come see them, we are watching more and more prospects jump on to the radar screen.

No matter what class they play in – or what college they have in mind, these athletes in south Florida will have our support in helping to promote these gems.

Having the pleasure of watching so many football prospects LIVE in game conditions, we have that opportunity to discover much more than the athletes that are hyped and pushed out by every recruiting service and fan website.

Anyone can watch a film and be an “expert”, but very few can make the effort to promote prospects nobody sees or talks about by watching them play.


PLAYER: Gerald Hernandez


SCHOOL: Hollywood McArthur

CLASS: 2022



SCOUTING: Having watched this impressive and versatile talent since his sophomore season, you have a gifted football player who loves this game.

He works hard, learns fast and has a chance to be very special for a program that is looking to get back in the playoff mix in 2021.

Two years ago as a member of a district championship team, a lot was learned from some impressive football players who had won 18 games in two years, so he fully understands what needs to be done.

This winter/spring, he will play 7-on-7 to get better in coverage, and also play tight end on the offensive side of the ball to further show his athleticism and skill level.



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