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Michael McLaughlin Is Certainly Not Your Average Offensive Line Prospect

When you look at this great game of football, perhaps the toughest position to really predict success or failure at is the offensive line.

The growth and maturity of an offensive lineman can change the way these prospects are judged from season to season, and while you would love to look at an offensive lineman and deem them a future star, it’s not that easy.

Look back at Eric Winston when he came to the University of Miami as a tight end. For those who played the game, they could see the amazing athletic ability he had – and even though he was a big time tight end back in 2002 at Midland Lee in Texas, this 6-7, 255-pounder was viewed by many as a future offensive tackle – and they were 100 percent spot on.


PLAYER: Michael McLaughlin


SCHOOL: Parkland Douglas

CLASS: 2021



SCOUTING: Coming from Indiana, here is a young man who first turned heads last summer – right before Paradise Camp at the University of Miami. This was a giant of a football player who didn’t fit the offensive lineman profile. He was far too agile, trim and looked more like a tight end or defensive end than a hulking offensive line prospect.

He wasn’t bulky and didn’t move slower than the other prospects on the football field. He was an agile athlete with a basketball frame – much like Winston.

Even this past season when he lined up for the district champion Eagles and head coach Quintin Short, here was a talented player that everyone continued to watch and evaluate – and when the offers poured in – those who evaluated his play continued to talk about a future that would include putting on over 60 pounds and combining athleticism and reality.

Michael McLaughlin is one of those football players who will succeed. He’s smart, a team player and is certainly someone who has the chance to be very special.

With all the offers he has on the table – including the same Indiana University program that paid him little attention back home – this is someone who will make a huge impact at the next level, and who know, beyond that as well.



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