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SUMMER PROSPECT WATCH: Merdinger & Reddicks Lead Deerfield’s Youth Movement

Take a look at any high school football programs these days, especially during the pandemic, and you will see plenty of young prospects making an impact.

With so many impressive youth football players getting it done on football fields all over south Florida, and it is paying off.

There are now state, regionally and nationally rated youth football players who are ready for the challenge – as soon as ninth and 10th graders.


PLAYER: Michael Merdinger


CLASS: 2024



SCOUTING: As soon as you watch this young man play, you are sold.

Besides lacking snaps and game time, here is a gifted prospect who has worked hard on his game over the past year – and it has worked out just fine.

The Bucks have the opportunity to have a top-flight quarterback in place – with plenty of pieces around him for several years to come.

No matter if he performs in a camp or 7-on-7 this is a talent who brings his “A” game, knowing that Deerfield Beach will always be in the spotlight and college coaches will be watching and searching for that next impact player – no matter what class they may be in.

All Merdinger needs to do is work hard, leading the offense and working on his mechanics - stay healthy – and the rest of the process will take over.



PLAYER: Tastean Reddicks


CLASS: 2023



SCOUTING: When the 2021 season starts, the Bucks will have several football prospects that many have heard plenty about – athletes who have been looked at as leaders. But this team will also have young prospects, with limited experience and playing time.

When they get the chance to watch this quality talent over the next three years, they will see a gifted pass-catcher who runs well and is quickly becoming one of those athletes who has the chance to be very special this coming season. This is someone who has a passion for this game.

Watch the progress he has made this past year – and you can see why so many impressive football prospects were such a huge hit during the summer – performing at a high level at every college visit.

With head coach Jevon Glenn bringing his team on the road for over two weeks, not only the veteran players were getting exposure, but prospects who should have been on the radar a year ago. Remember, prospects like Reddicks hadn’t received the exposure a year ago, but have certainly gotten out there this off-season.


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