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SPRING FOCUS – Ferguson Learns From Frustrating 2020 Season


What Gene Chew is doing today, in 2021, is the same thing he was doing when Miami Ferguson opened 20 years ago.

As the Falcons only varsity football head coach, it has long been about developing and getting these student/athletes ready for the next level – no matter where it is.

While this program will never be confused with a Miami Central or Christopher Columbus, what Coach Chew has been able to accomplish as a head coach who has also been there to instill character and knowledge of the game.

Coach Chew knows this sport as well as anyone. His calling in this sport has been one as a teacher, organizer and developer of student/athletes.

Chew and his team knows that this past season was tough on everyone. Losing five times is not the way the Falcons wanted the year to end up, but now it’s time to learn from what went on last year and rely on a gifted 2022 class.

Among the prospects who we will be watching includes Juan Capurro (OT, 6-4, 280), Javier Cifuentes (LB/TE/WR, 6-0, 200), Nicolas Cruz (RB/WR/CB, 5-7, 150), Robert Gomez (RB/WR/CB/OLB, 5-9, 175) and versatile lineman Evan Holostalo (OL/DL, 5-11, 220).

The Falcons will also rely on players such as Raymond Marte (OT, 6-1, 278), Antonio Rangel (C/DT/N, 5-9, 225), Aden Seara (QB, 5-10, 170), Jonathan Viera (WR/OLB, 5-9, 175), Marcel Villafane (WR/CB/|OLB, 5-11, 175) and impressive Julio Zambrana (WR/CB, 5-7, 170).


As Coach Chew and the Falcons will look to the Class of 2022 standouts, there are some 2023 (rising juniors) and 2024 (rising sophomores) who are expected to make a huge impact this summer and into the season.

Those prospects include Thomas Almeida (WR/RB/CB/FS, 5-8, 145),  Shawn Carrero (RB/WR/OLB, 5-8, 165), Alexander Cid (TE/WR/OLB, 6-0, 185) and Brandon Martinez (OLB/SS, 5-8, 155).

The Falcons also feature Class of 2024 (rising sophomores) Darian Martinez (RB/TE/DE, 5-11, 215) and future standout Manuel Rodriguez (RB/OLB, 5-6, 180).

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