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Area Linemen Get Championship Treatment

Ask anyone who follows high school football which programs have the best offensive lines each year, and you will get a number of different answers.

As those answers file in – you will see one program that is on every list – and for good reason. The Miami Central Rockets have been successful for a number of reasons throughout the years. Great coaching, outstanding quarterbacks, running backs, receivers and defensive stars everywhere. But the one place that is exclusive for talent each and every season is the offensive line, and head coach Roland Smith will tell you that every time.

As the offensive line coaches continue to take bodies and transform them into prospects over years, these big men continue to make an impact at the next level and beyond. It’s a fact. Look on collegiate rosters nationally and Central linemen are making an impact.

One of those coaches who has long been serious about the position – and continues to share his wisdom - is the likeable and knowledgeable “Coach K.C”. Here is someone who has forgotten more about the position than many will ever know. He has been around some great ones – and obviously – had the “pressure” of blocking for some of the most dynamic running backs and quarterbacks south Florida has seen over the championship seasons.

This past weekend, while 7-on-7 events filled the calendar statewide, the linemen got some shine at the now world-famous Ives Estates Park.

With Coach K.C. and his tremendous staff out there teaching and exposing these athletes for two days, news of the event spread quickly.

With schools such as Piper, North Miami Middle School, Cooper City, Cardinal Gibbons and Fort Pierce Westwood, line hopefuls came out for the exposure and to showcase their skills.

“The young men who came out to this benefitted in a great way,” Coach K.C. said. “I cannot figure how you would not want to come out here and get some work and maybe learn something. But those who did walked away from this event knowing something they didn’t when they arrived”.

The talent that came out were eager to see what Coach K.C., Coach Chuck Troutman, Coach Cedric and Coach Romain were going to show them – and they were indeed impressed with these experienced coaches they had.

“I cannot thank Mike Tunsil and the great people over at TAI for helping us with this event,” Coach K.C. said. “It’s all about working together to give these prospects some exposure, and that is exactly what we did – and continue to do at more of our upcoming line camps.”


The coaching staff didn’t disappoint and the athletes – at every age and talent level – took it all in.

Among those on hand included:

2023 – Joseph Aquino, DE, Piper

2024 – Martaz Charles, OLB, Piper

2023 – Blake Cochrane, DL, Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons

2022 – Melvyn Creesburg, DE, Piper

2022 – Christopher Decossard, DL, Cooper City

2027 – Odurand Dorcelus, OL/DL, North Miami Middle School

2024 – Calvin Failds, Piper

2022 – Mark Henry, OL, Piper

2022 – Richard Hernandez, DL, Fort Pierce Westwood

2022 – Otis Ingram Jr., DT, Fort Pierce Westwood

2023 – Jayden Jackson, DT, Fort Pierce Westwood

2023 – Tramayne Jackson, OC, Fort Pierce Westwood

2022 – Frantz Joly, OLB, Piper

2022 – Jhims Kedamour, OT, Fort Pierce Westwood

2023 – Jelani Lebert, Piper

2024 – Dylan Lewis, OL, Piper

2022 – George Sklaventis, DE, Cooper City

2024 – John Williams III, Fort Pierce Westwood

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