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Miami Westminster Christian Building Toward The Future

When the 2023 season had ended at Miami Westminster Christian, head coach Patrick Wennin and his staff looked back on the season and started to plan for 2024.

While the Warriors had one of those up and down seasons, getting to the off-season and developing the returning players was indeed essential.

Having a solid spring and getting the players on the same page was something that had to be done.

Finishing 5-6 was not what this team wanted to accomplish, but it was something positive to build on.

Losing several seniors meant that it was time for the underclassmen to get ready to step up and take charge.

Knowing that this coming summer will be very important – working out and attending camps and combines – it could mean the difference of getting over that hump and getting back to playing winning football.

With much of the talent in the future, the rising senior Class of 2025 does have a few prospects to add experience and leadership.

Players such as John Hendrikse (WR/DB, 5-10, 150) and defensive end Alex Raecke (6-1, 190).


While the senior class is always a place to look for the experience, sometimes the underclassmen can represent a bright future – and this team is no exception.

Here is a look at some of the prospects to keep an eye on this coming season and into the future. Class of 2026 rising juniors Antawn Borden Jr. (OL, 6-1, 295 – 2.9 GPA), Daniel Fernandez (DE, 6-2, 185 – 4.68 GPA), Caleb Jones (DE, 6-0, 180 – 2.9 GPA), Amiel Mackey (WR, 5-9, 179 – 2.8 GPA), and receiver Cornelius Miller Jr. (5-11, 163 – 2.85 GPA).

The rising sophomore (2027) class is also worth keeping an eye on – with Anthony Bender (OC, 5-9, 195), Manny Coya (QB, 5-8, 140), Fausti Diaz (DE, 6-1, 180), Canyon Henry (TE/DE, 6-1, 168 – 3.87 GPA), Cooper Hixon (OL, 6-3, 263), Stephen Mohker (LB, 5-7, 160 – 3.5 GPA), Fabian Pineiro (RB/LB, 5-11, 170), and quarterback Landon Tews (QB, 6-1, 180 – 3.7 GPA).

Class of 2028 freshmen Britton Bayag (Athlete, 5-9, 155) and Jeremy Campbell (WR/DB, 5-9, 145), and Class of 2029 (rising 8th grader Robert Doctor (DE/LT, 6-4, 180) will also be instrumental.


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