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Five Breakout Class of 2023 Miami-Dade/Broward Prospects

The best thing about having the opportunity to watch so many prospects live is you see players that many others only read about.

Because so many college coaches check out our daily information and database, it has become essential to watch football talent in all classes.

While this website is heavily slanted toward Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, we do have the chance to travel the state of Florida and see other prospects and different schools – which gives us a more valid opportunity to compare talent.

While we know that south Florida is always going to have more quality than just about anywhere else in the country, it’s easy to shine a spotlight on talent that rarely gets that attention.

Because we have been covering 2026, 2025 and 2024 extensively – we are certainly not leaving this current group of seniors out of the mix.

Today, we bring you five Class of 2023 football prospects to watch this coming season.

Asante Daniels, QB, 6-1, 165, Coconut Creek. Having watched this young man the past two years, there is no doubting that his talent and leadership have put the Cougars in a situation to defend their district championship. No matter where he plays – this is someone who stands out – and this program will rely on his talents in a major way this coming season. He combines arm strength, accuracy and the ability to run the ball.


Trey Dubuc, LS, 6-1, 220, Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons. A soon-to-be four year starter at a position that has become vital to any football team. Recently awarded a five-star ranking at the Kornblue Kicking Showcase, this is a true talent who will be headed to the University of South Florida next year. But there is work to be done this season – trying to help his father’s (Head Coach Matt Dubuc) team win yet another state title. He is one of the best in the country.


Victor Evans III, CB, 6-1, 180, Miami Monsignor Pace. Yet another football talent who has emerged and following in the footsteps of his father who was an impressive talent. This FIU-bound prospect had a breakout off-season and showcased his skills on a team that continues to make major strides. This is a secondary performer that has everything you are looking for. Speed, the ability to read plays and a high football IQ.


Harlem Howard, S, 6-1, 170, Pompano Beach Blanche Ely. Here is another prospect that basically came out of nowhere, but when you watch him perform, you can see what colleges are on his trail. Saw him perform last year and throughout the off-season, turning heads with his ability to make plays in the secondary. This is one of the gifted young men who has just scratched the surface. When he fully matures, the sky is more than the limit!


Gemari Sands, RB, 5-10, 190, Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas. Because of the enormous amount of talent this program churns out every year, talent like this is never fully appreciated. When called upon the past two seasons, he was ready to help the Raiders during their drive to multiple state titles. His ability to not only run the ball from the line of scrimmage, but catch out of the backfield has made him one of the players who college coaches are falling in love with. Will have a huge year this season – as a player and leader who knows this system very well.





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