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5 Spring Prospects In Miami-Dade & Broward Counties.

Well, spring football officially comes to an end today.

The past month has been a time when college coaches have had ample time to watch current football players as well as those who are trying to jump on the radar screen for the future.

The month of May has been a time when colleges and universities have put the final touches on those Class of 2024 prospects while elevating the underclassmen to that next level.

With college camps starting at the end of the week, summer will only enhance what these players have shown over the past 20 practice days.

As we had the opportunity to travel around to see some quality prospects, there are a number of local players – Miami-Dade and Broward Counties who have jumped on the radar screen. Here are five of them:

2024 – Malik Clarke, DB, 6-0, 181, Miami Lakes Barbara Goleman. In a program that is looking for playmakers for the upcoming season, here is one of those quality football players who continues to improve and give the Gators an opportunity to reach the state playoffs this season. He is one of those leaders that a program like this needs. He makes plays and ignites the defense.


2025 – Anjuan “Ace” Coleman, WR, 5-1, 165, Miami Central. 3.5 GPA. On a team that is loaded in every direction, here is a junior that has turned heads this spring as we head toward the summer. Tremendous route runner who will surprise you with his skill level. Will truly emerge as a prospect that will help the powerhouse Rockets continue to improve this coming season.


2025 – Darius “Boobie” Johnson, WR, 5-11, 160, Miami Northwestern. There were a number of players who changed teams in the off season throughout the two counties, but when you add up everything that this young man brings to the table, here is definitely one of the most important prospects in south Florida. As the Bulls look to turn things around, this is someone who will be at the center of attention all summer.


2026 – Ronnie Jones, WR/SS, 6-1, 195, Miami Springs. One of the fastest-rising young talents in this region of the state, his ability to make plays on both sides of the ball has kept him in the spotlight with his size, skill level and athleticism to perform on both sides of the ball. Definitely was one of the players who caught the attention of college coaches who came through the summer – as well as his performance in the Golden Hawks’ spring game.

2024 – Robert Reddish, RB/CB, 5-11, 165, Somerset Silver Palms. Here is the perfect example of sitting at home watching film will never uncover a prospect like this. You can out all the athletes on all-star lists that you want, but unless you see what they do on the field and as leaders, your evaluation is hollow at best. Watching this playmaker perform and you will see why he made a major impact this spring. No matter where he lines up, he will make a difference with his speed, athletic ability and skill level. One of the players who will ignite the Stallions this coming season.


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