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5 Miami-Dade & Broward 5 Prospects Who Turned Heads

We have hit the summer and as prospects from throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties head off to camps and 7-on-7 events at colleges and universities throughout the country, several athletes will continue to make headlines.

While the past month gave several football players in this area a chance to establish themselves in front of college coaches, there were others who jumped onto the radar for the first time.

The one thing we know when evaluating talent for colleges to see, they want people who are out in the field attending everything possible. In this day and age, colleges don’t want to know whether a prospect can run, throw, block or tackle. What they rely on recruiting services and “super fans” is things they cannot see from the film.

Being at games, practices and as many camps as possible gives us an advantage, so when a college coach wants to know more than the X’s and O’s, they can find out things like character, leadership and attitude. Those three things can ruin a program – or elevate it, and when they are spending huge money on scholarships on these young men, they have to know everything possible.

Being a talent evaluator in this day and age is really not the art it used to be. Regular fans can see the obvious, but true “scouts” can see those important things that every college program and every business need to know about.

As you will see during the summer, we attend everything, so by the time the season begins, we will have watched just about everyone in south Florida and nearly 4,000 prospects and 250 schools live.

Today, we continue our look at some Miami-Dade and Broward County football players who made an impact this spring.

2025 – Dante Alexander Jr., Athlete, 6-3, 205, Miami Springs. In the world of recruiting and social media, keeping anyone with talent under wraps is no longer possible. There are too many eyes and avenues to get student/athletes in the spotlight. Here is yet another Golden Hawk who had a tremendous sophomore year, but really blew up this spring when college coaches and opponents had the chance to see him perform. From either side of the ball, his ability to make plays and change the outcome of games with just one play became more evident this off-season. Will be a player that you will want to follow this coming season.


2024 – Raynor Andrews, OT, 6-6, 315, Miami Norland. Here is a young man that brings so much to the table as a student/athlete. After playing for Miami Jackson a year ago, he brought his talents to play for the Vikings, and make no mistake, this is someone who really has a chance to be special. Not only is he still a work in progress, but he is a very smart young man, who picks things up quickly and will be a huge asset to a team that many are predicting some huge things from this season.


2026 – Derrek Cooper, RB/Athlete, 6-0, 180, Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons. We very rarely make boastful comments about high school football players, especially is they are young, but you heard it here first. This is the next potential superstar in south Florida. Size, power, athleticism, versatility, and speed. Did we mention speed! This three-sport athlete can run the ball – with his power, ability to read where the hole will open and enough speed to run away from the defenses and he is just going to be a sophomore. Coaches on the high school team and in the community feel that when this impressive young man blows up, he will be a national recruit.


2025 – Shawn Paschall Jr., RB, 5-8, 175, Deerfield Beach. While this program goes through a transition period, let’s not forget that the Bucks have long been a program that is loaded with talent, and this hidden gem has the opportunity to be very special. Watching him over the past year, there is no doubt that he will showcase some amazing skills this coming season, He is quick, powerful and has tremendous vision. During the Spring Jamboree at Palm Beach Gardens, this is one of those talented young men who turned heads and college coaches finally had the chance to see how special he is. Keep an eye on him this coming season, you will see why many are starting to believe that he is one of the top juniors in south Florida.


Adrian Posse, QB, 6-5, 228, Miami Northwestern. Let’s be honest. Since he left Miami Monsignor Pace two years ago, this was someone who was tough to evaluate and rank. His lack of playing time had many second guessing what they watched his freshman year when he was surrounded by solid football talent and coaching. Last Saturday, during the Bulls’ spring scrimmage – with Teddy Bridgewater and first year head coach Michaelee Harris looking on, this young man was impressive. He made the throws and led the offense in a new system with new teammates around him. Obviously, his size and arm strength have been things that everyone has been watching, but what impressed the most was his accuracy and ability to make decisions. That combination will help to left this offense in 2023.


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