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5 Class of 2024 Miami-Dade/Broward Prospects Who Are Turning Heads

If you’ve noticed over the past week, college coaches are starting to pop up across south Florida to check out some of the prospects.

Miami-Dade and Broward have been showcasing some impressive talent that colleges and universities are very much interested in.

While many of the current rising senior class (2024) have already been discovered and are set, there are other football players who are using this month to put themselves out there.

With the Transfer Portal and NIL taking much of the college spotlight, there are still schools who are doing things the old way – using high school athletes to build their programs, and what a better way to make that happen than using the #305 and #954 to infuse their respective rosters with game-changing talent.

As we have talked plenty about the future classes, it’s 2024 that has been shifted to the front-burner this spring.

Here are five Class of 2024 student/athletes who have gotten plenty of looks so far:

Jermaine Dalias, S, 6-3, 190, Coconut Creek Monarch. On a team stacked with talent and playmakers, here is one of those versatile football prospects who is big and physical enough to play the safety position and support the run. But he is also gifted and athletic enough to become a major factor as a pass defender. Great anticipation with ball skills that have grabbed the attention of several college coaches who have left very impressed at what this talented prospect brings to the table.


Brandon Lowe, WR, 6-1, 178, Miami Edison. You can take a list of all the receiving prospects in this region and fill several college rosters several times. It has always been that way, and while many of the marquee prospects are getting much of the attention, it’s players like this who are starting to pick up steam with several college coaches who are looking for that “under-the-radar” talent. Not only does he runs impressive patterns and has the speed to get open, but this is an athletic prospect who will block you and do his part to become that all-around football players that helps his team win.


Shamar Meikle, DE, 6-5, 220, Miramar. As college coaches watched this tremendous talent this spring, they became sold on not just his play-making abilities, but also how athletic and physical he is. The Patriots have been fortunate to have more than their share of quality defensive ends and Edge rushers throughout the past few years, and you can add this name to that list. His quickness off the ball overwhelms offensive linemen and puts him and his teammates in a position to make a game-changing play. This month will continue to open eyes of college coaches who have not had the pleasure of watching him perform.


Daniel Mincey, OL, 6-5, 280, Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons. Following in the rather large footsteps of his older brother, this is a versatile and gifted lineman who can play anywhere on the offensive line – and that is where he separates himself from most linemen. He is agile, athletic and continues to get stronger, and helps to anchor one of the top units in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. He is also physical and plays this game with a mean streak.


Teko Shoats Jr., OL, 6-3, 285, Miami Central. The one thing that you can always count on when watching the Rockets is they will always be loaded with talent up front on the offensive line. Not just from an overall talent aspect, but technically as well, and that is where this quality student/athlete has a major advantage. Could be as polished as any rising senior prospect in the region – with tremendous footwork and a high IQ. His 3.8 GPA only enhances what this young man is all about.


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