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Dillard Head Football Coach Eddie Frasier Dead At 34

2020 has certainly not been a year to brag about.

With the current pandemic this world is going through – and everything that has surrounded it - to so many other negatives that continue to occur daily.

On Monday morning, the south Florida high school football community woke to another piece of this year – where good news has not come to many of us at all.

Longtime local football icon and Fort Lauderdale Dillard head coach Eddie Frasier was found in his home – dead from an apparent diabetic shock.

The news spread fast to this close knit football community than someone who had done so much for his alma mater and the community had been lost at the young age of 34.

On Saturday, Frasier spoke about his team for the upcoming year, looking to rebound from the a near perfect (11-1) season. He was optimistic and was proud of his players for working hard on their own during this pandemic.

“You only can get better by correcting the things that hold you back,” he said. “Everyone of our coaches have made such a great impact on these student/athletes and we all feel good about 2020.”

Having been around all the coaches who have come before him at the school, Frasier waited his turn and paid his dues to become the head coach when Toriano Morgan moved on to a college position.

Frasier’s involvement in the community and the student/athletes has been well documented.


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