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QUICK HITS: Palmer Trinity Has An Outstanding Mix of Talent For 2020 & Beyond

While the Coronavirus is dictating high school football, across the country, we can understand the need for ongoing exposure.

Because we promote high school football in south Florida year-round, there is no need to stop right now.

In the coming weeks, we will have a brief look at the school in south Florida in a segment that we call “QUICK HITS”.

Today, our “QUICK HITS” stays in Miami with a trip to Palmer Trinity.


SCHOOL: Miami Palmer Trinity Falcons

HEAD COACH: Mark Reese

2019 RECORD: 5-5



2024 – Lucas Alonso, WR/DB

2022 – Matthew Bauer, FB/LB

2023 – Daniel Benitez, OL/DL

2021 – Carlos Callejo, RB/DB

2021 – Jose Corbo, Athlete

2023 – Aden Davenport, QB

2021 – Matthew Dylewski, WR/DB

2023 – Matthew Ehrenreich, RB/LB

2022 – Jackson Graef, OL/DL

2024 – Lou Kipp, OL/DL

2021 – Grant Kleber, OL/DL

2023 – Ryan Kleber, WR/DB

2022 – Marcos Leon, PK

2023 – Rene Paez, RB/LB

2022 – Robbie Robertson, WR/DB

2021 – Kyndal Royal, WR/DB

2023 – Santana Wooten, LB/RB

2021 - Caleb Young, OL/DL

Summary: Another of the programs that has had its share of talent, but often flies under the radar screen.

From playing in the Miami-Dade Independent championship game against Florida Christian to competing against some of the tougher schools in their class, this is a program that has shown plenty of improvement.

Just look that the roster and you will see plenty of talent – with a major portion of the athletes being part of a future that the Falcons believe will be very bright.

With key younger players such as Santana Wooten and Robbie Robertson – to veteran leadership like Corbo, Young, Dylewski, Grant Kleber and Callejo.

What does 2020 look like for this program? The coaching staff is very optimistic about the blend of talent – and how this team finished the 2019 season.

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