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QUICK HITS – First Year Head Coach Leonard Weaver Looks To Get Coral Springs Back On Track In 8A

While the Coronavirus is dictating high school football, across the country, we can understand the need for ongoing exposure.

Because we promote high school football in south Florida year-round, there is no need to stop right now.

In the coming weeks, we will have a brief look at the school in south Florida in a segment that we call “QUICK HITS”.

Today, our “QUICK HITS” moves back to Broward County with a trip to Coral Springs.


SCHOOL: Coral Springs Colts

HEAD COACH: Leonard Weaver

2019 RECORD: 4-6



2023 - Naazir Aiken, WR

2022 - Tariq Barnes DE/LB

2021 - Delvontae Bouie, WR/Return Specialist

2021 - Louma Dufresne, LB

2021 - Jahvey Ellison, DB

2022 - Junior Jean, DB/LB

2021 - Owen Jeune DB

2023 - Fred Johnson, DE/LB

2021 - David Kosilla QB

2023 - Gavin Loriston, WR

2022 - Godly Louissant, OL

2023 - Tony Martin, QB

2023 - W. Mathurine, OL

2021 - Michael McFarlin. DT

2022 - Ronard Mosley, DT

2021 - Jalen Moye, DB

2022 - Cody Pendergrass, WR

2021 - Keyshawn Wesley, DE/TE

SUMMARY: It’s been a period of time since Coral Springs has been a player in the post season, and while several coaches have tried to bring this program back in the spotlight, there has never been a combination to make the Colts relevant.

As former NFL standout Leonard Weaver takes over, the optimism is high. But remember, with Covid 19 affecting every program, his first year has been slow in getting started,

As we have watched in the past, this is an area that has talent – and if they start to win games and players start to benefit, this is no reason why winning cannot return to this program. The talent is certainly available.

Weaver was born in Melbourne, Florida, and attended Satellite High School in Satellite Beach, Florida, where he was a multi-sport athlete before playing football at Carson-Newman College. He earned Division II Honors from the AP and American Football Coaches Association but went undrafted during the 2005 NFL Draft.

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