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QUICK HITS: Talented Miramar Everglades Looking To Turn Things Around In 2020

While the Coronavirus is dictating high school football, across the country, we can understand the need for ongoing exposure.

Because we promote high school football in south Florida year-round, there is no need to stop right now.

In the coming weeks, we will have a brief look at the school in south Florida in a segment that we call “QUICK HITS”.

Today, our “QUICK HITS” is back in Broward with a trip out west to Miramar and Everglades High.


SCHOOL: Miramar Everglades Gators

HEAD COACH: Rodney Rumph

2019 RECORD: 1-9



2021 – Adrian Duverne, DL

2021 – Edric McDade, Athlete

2021 – Steven Nunez, DT

2021 – Lucas Camacho, WR

2021 – Jalen Campbell, CB

2021 – Blake Bleus, CB

2021 – Dylan Foster, LB

2021 – Ke’Andre Smith, WR

2021 – Corey Clarke, Athlete

2021 – Aaron Green, PK

2022 – Semaj Flagg, LB

2022 – Lennox Ingleton Jr., DE

2022 – Joshua Romeo, P

2022 – Samuel Harry, RB

2023 – Azaraya Murphy, WR

2024 – Jovan Futch, OL

2024 – Mahari, Tucker, QB

2024 – Jamorie Flagg, DE

2024 – Joseph Page, Athlete

2024 – Jonathan Morillo, QB

Summary: The Gators have taken major steps to rebound from a disappointing 2019 season. The recovery of Duverne, ACL injury that cost him his 2019 season, will add a major piece to the defensive line. The return of some veteran will also be huge for this team.

Speaking of defense, look for veterans such as Corey Clarke, Jalen Campbell and Lennox Ingleton.

In addition, keep an eye on DL Dylan Foster, a transfer, who will help the Front 7. Freshman Jamorie Flagg looks to be a force off the edge. Joseph Page has a skill set that will allow him to play right away at the high school level.

Offensively, Nunez is a solid center, and freshman Jovan Futch has been impressive.

Also on offense, look for the return of 2019 leading rusher Samuel Harry, leading receivers Lucas Camacho and Azaraya Murphy, and the improvement of Ke’Andre Smith.

Incoming freshman Mahkari Tucker will compete immediately for the starting quarterback position with another talented freshman Jonathan Morillo.

Special teams should also be a place to watch – with the return of kick returner Blake Belus, punter Joshua Romeo and Kicker Aaron Green.

Everglades will have a good mix of crafty veterans and explosive newcomers to allow them to contend for the 7A District 15 title

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