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QUICK HITS – Demetrius Jackson Has The Passion & Knowledge To Help Lift American Back Into The Spotlight

While the Coronavirus is dictating high school football, across the country, we can understand the need for ongoing exposure.

Because we promote high school football in south Florida year-round, there is no need to stop right now.

In the coming weeks, we will have a brief look at the school in south Florida in a segment that we call “QUICK HITS”.

Today, our “QUICK HITS” heads back down to Miami-Dade County to check out Hialeah American.


SCHOOL: Hialeah American Patriots

HEAD COACH: Demetrius Jackson

2019 RECORD: 2-8



2023 - Giovanni Adopte, WR

2021 - Karl Augustin, LB

2022 - Christopher Balthazar, LB

2022 - Marcos Brice, OL

2021 - Timothy Carter, RB

2023 - Max Civil, QB

2021 - Norris Crawford, DB

2021 - Travis Jackson Jr., DB

2021 - Sirr Jackson, DE

2022 - Messiah Leite, QB

2021- Rodney Lewis, WR

2021 - Jayden Mack, DE

2022 - Robert Mack, OL

2021 - Bryan Miller, DT/DE

2022 - Anjulius Minor, DB

2021 - Kwali Peterson, WR

2022 - Delvin Robinson, RB

2021 - Jermaine Shine, DE

2021 - Aaron Slater, DE/DT

2021 - Juan Sosa, SS

2021 - Juan Valencia, DE/DT

2021 - Devone Walker, WR

2021 - Kahleeb Wiggins, QB

SUMMARY: Demetrius Jackson has so much on his plate these days.

From a community activist that so many have been pushing toward a life in politics – because of his understanding of community and what it means to so many – to a football mind, who loves the game and has a passion to teach and coach.

This former University of Miami and Booker T. Washington standout spent last year as part of a coaching staff that took home a 4A state title – much the way he did when he was a member of the Tornadoes.

The way he approached the game and his love for teaching and being part of a program, it was almost a given that when the American job opened up, he would be a perfect fit.

From the time he took over, he has done exactly what you would expect from this young man. Details such as putting together a coaching staff that is on the same page as he is – and getting his new football team ready.

Before the pandemic hit, Jackson had his football teams ready for spring – with conditioning being a huge part of it.

When football is ready to go here in 2020, you can guarantee that the Patriots will be ready to play – as a mix of youth and experienced players will make up the first team that this new head coach and his staff will work with.

This is someone not used to losing, and you can bet that it will reflect on his program.

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