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QUICK HITS – Can Hollywood South Broward Build On 2019 Playoff Appearance?

While the Coronavirus is dictating high school football, across the country, we can understand the need for ongoing exposure.

Because we promote high school football in south Florida year-round, there is no need to stop right now.

In the coming weeks, we will have a brief look at the school in south Florida in a segment that we call “QUICK HITS”.

Today, our “QUICK HITS” moves back to Broward County and looks in on 2019 playoff team South Broward


SCHOOL: Hollywood South Broward Bulldogs

HEAD COACH: Josh Shapiro

2019 RECORD: 6-4



2021 - Travis Burke, OT/DE/LS

2021 - Eric Burton Jr., WR

2021 - Jayden Clark, DE

2021 - Malachi Davis, DT

2021 - Jaquan Doster, RB/ Athlete

2022 - Isaiah Francois, WR

2021 - Kendell Fretwell, OG

2021 - Kavon Henderson, Athlete

2022 - Denny Labady, DB

2021 - Jamsley Laguerre, DB

2023 - Danny Maitlin Jr., DT

2021 - Cameron McCaa, DE/TE

2022 - Jahkar Mobley, DB

2021 - Karim Moise, Athlete

2023 - Gary Nanton, DB

2022 - Javaun Thorpe, DE/DT

2023 - Eddie Rodriguez, WR

SUMMARY: After turning the corner and making the state playoffs a year ago, here is a program that has started to make major strides– bringing memories of the past Bulldog teams to those who recall the days of head coaches Matt Lococo and Allen Held, who not only guided this team into the playoffs, but produced many impressive football players.

With a coaching staff that spans almost 25 years, the knowledge is in place and this program is finally ready to keep players home while competing for district titles.

With head coach Josh Shapiro returning to take over the program for the second time, there is plenty of optimism and loads of talent.

From experienced seniors to juniors and sophomores who are ready to take charge, this is a team ready to make a statement – building on a strong 2019, where progress and teaching was put into place.

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